Cosolex - Worldwide Affiliate Network

Utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology in Affiliate Marketing Networking to boost your marketing efforts.

Committed Account Managers

Whether you're an Advertiser or Publisher, you'll have a dedicated Account Manager to analyse your performance, improve your existing campaigns, plan and implement future initiatives.

Overcoming Financial Hurdles

Cosolex provides swift and timely CPA payments to Affiliates far before being paid by Advertisers, allowing Pubs to ramp sales and Advertisers to achieve growth without financing expenses.

Protection against any Fraud

Your Account Managers will regularly monitor conversion rate, retention rate, and ad velocity to spot fraud before it can harm Cosolex's members.

Simple and Straightforward Payments

Advertisers pay ONLY for real sales (no set-up fees, no hidden charges, and no interest rates), while Publishers may anticipate regular and prompt payments.


Promote great deals to sell more online

Special Deals

In our organisation, every partner is valued. Your own affiliate manager will recommend several special deals.

Direct marketers

Our own offerings will provide you the greatest CR on the market.

Custom Landing Pages

Our own development staff will support you. We accommodate all requirements for creative work.

Own platform

We will provide more information about your leads than others. Always transparent and reliable system functioning.

On demand payments

Each affiliate gets paid on request. It's simple: make payment request - receive money.

Friendly Support

Any kind of question or help? Our Friendly Support team is mostly available online.


Increase funnel size to increase online sales

Personal Approach

Feel the attentiveness of our supervisors. You may be friends with your personal manager.

Software services

Internal platform with tailored solutions. This enables us to do the impossible for you.

Software to prevent fraud

100% anti-fraud protection. We verify each conversion for fraud.

Traffic across the globe

Publishers from several nations across the globe have enrolled with our partner network. Website visitors from any nation.

To be goal-oriented

You only pay for the essential activities performed by site users. No worries!

Benefit from us

Our management will provide the most advantageous terms on the market. Just contact us.

About Us

Our mission is to give world-class service. Advertisers and publishers from numerous nations boost our revenue. Since digital marketing is so diverse, we develop a personalised approach for each client based on their requirements, present strategy, and objectives. One or multiple services may function concurrently based on demand. We're the internet marketing department for certain firms. For others, we are their trusted adviser; their ace in the hole, reducing the learning curve to speed up progress. Tell us how we can help your business grow.